Airnergy Stream effective against “animal” medical complaints

Wednesday 23rd October 2013

Several thousand Airnergy streams are being used regularly all over the world. All sorts of medical complaints are being dealt with every day. Customers repeatedly confirm that the Airnergy stream is remarkable and belongs in every medicine chest. Obviously, our “four-legged friends” benefit enormously as well. Whether dog, cat or horse, pet owners like to use Dermovital therapy also on their charges and tell us about their often bewildering experiences. We are only too happy to follow the suggestions of our customers and are providing a brochure for the use of Airnergy Stream.

Areas of application of the Dermovital Therapy (DVT)

  • for horses
    Lameness, cuts, fractures of the leg, laminitis
  • for cats
    Ear infections, broken legs, inflammation of the gums, skin lesions
  • for dogs
    Hip dysplasia, tumors, ear infections, cutaneous allergies

Download Brochure: Airnergy Stream effective against “animal“ complaints