Overview – Airnergy

Airnergy Spirovital Therapy

From BioLife Solutions Ltd, the sole UK / Ireland Airnergy Representative for Airnergy International GmbH in Germany.

There are a range of Airnergy Spirovital Therapy devices available.

The Classic Range includes 3 models:

  • Airnergy Professional Plus
  • Airnergy Professional
  • Airnergy Wellness Basis Plus

While these 3 machines all look similar they differ in the intensity of therapy they produce. The intensity of therapy produced depends on the number of activation units inside the device.

The Wellness Basis Plus device has two activation units, the Professional three and the Professional Plus have four activation units.

The Design range includes:

  • Airnergy Avant Garde model – 4 different finishes (crystal, platinum, white, black)
  • Airnergy Travel Plus – 2 different finishes (silver, titanium)

The Avant Garde and Travel Plus both contain four activation units.

The Airnergy Stream range includes:

  • Airnergy Stream – 2 different finishes (black, silver)
  • Airnergy Stream HS (headset) – 2 different finishes (white, black)

WHAT ARE THE ACTIVATION UNITS (that generate the intensity)?

The activation units inside the device are part of the energy generation process. Each activation unit contains a wavelength of red light and a catalyst.

When air is pulled into the Airnergy device via a filter, the oxygen molecules are changed in the activation chambers from their normal triplet state to singlet oxygen.

Singlet oxygen lives for less than a nanosecond, goes back to its ground state and as it does so releases energy.

The more activation units in the Airnergy device, the more energy is therefore produced.