AIRVI OET (Oxygen Energy Therapy)




AIRVI Oxygen Energy Therapy (OET)

AIRVI OET – 2 models available:

The two Oxygen Energy Therapy (OET) device types, AIRVI OET3 and AIRVI OET5, differ in the number of activation units (catalysts) they have and therefore also in their effectiveness. The AIRVI OET3 device has three activation chambers (catalysts), while the AIRVI OET5 has five. The more activation chambers a device has, the more powerful will be its performance.

New in 2018 – AIRVI IQ Therapy System – 2 models available:

The AIRVI IQ Therapy System is an ultrasound system that provides therapy with specially coded signals and information to balance the two halves of the brain.  This leads to the alpha state and thus to immediate relaxation and at the same time to increased concentration and calmness.  The system is available in two models; the AIRVI IQ3 and the AIRVI IQ5.

AIRVI IQ also contains all the functions of the AIRVI OET therapy devices.

Features of the AIRVI OET & IQ devices

  • Five-language menu (German, English, Dutch, French, Spanish)
  • Two customised profiles with stored preferences available
  • Large LCD display for easy readability
  • Glass keypad with sensor buttons in two-colour system
  • Integrated colour therapy with seven colours and white. Colours are individually selectable or automatically change, for example, every 5, 10 or 90 seconds
  • Aromatherapy by means of external aromas
  • Selectable whisper mode for pump (e.g. for use during the night)
  • Signal level selectable in three stages
  • Autostart function as soon as power is applied (coin-operated machines, tanning bed combination, etc.)
  • Continuous operation selectable
  • ChipCard System optional with the OET5 to add time credit to ChipCard (for commercial operators)

Maintenance & Service of OET & IQ devices

4000 operating hours before first service check (12,000 applications of 20 minutes each)

  • Apart from the daily recommended water change and the change of the air filter every 70 operating hours no service or maintenance work is necessary
  • If required, device software can be updated by our trained staff via the USB interface

Included with the OET device

  1. Sparkling element incl. adapter for glass bottle
  2. Glassbottle
  3. 10 x nasal cannula
  4. 1 x aroma bottle (optional OET3)
  5. 1 x aroma oil for COPD (optional OET3)
  6. Power supply 110 – 240 Volt, output 15VDC
  7. Cord for EU
  8. 2 x air filter

Included items not shown

  • User´s manual in English
  • 2 x AdminCard, optional with ChipCard System OET5
  • 10 x customer card, optional with ChipCard System OET5


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