Airnergy Reviews and Testimonials

J. Lovelock (Asthma Testimonial)

I have C.O.P.D., asthma and sinusitis, and continual chest infections. I purchased a machine – yes I was sceptical but Chris Wright helped me to realise the benefits to be had to my condition.

Using the machine for 20 mins each morning the first thing I noticed was an almost immediate improvement in my sinuses and my breathing became much easier. After 3 months all the symptoms of C.O.P.D. are now much less and easier to deal with and even though I caught a chest infection it was less severe and only took a week to clear up.

I am less depressed and have a new lease of life so I would recommend anyone to invest in one of these wonderful machines. No it is not a cure but used alongside conventional medication for me it is the next best thing. I would not be without my machine it is now my best friend.

Update – 6 months later
Don’t remember whether I mentioned “energy levels”. At first I didn’t notice any significant difference only an erratic up-down of levels. Now after 3 months of 20 minutes per day my energy level is now pretty static, I feel more alive, more with it and altogether more my old self.

Last week I met some friends whom I hadn’t seen since before last Christmas. Would you believe they accused me of having “cosmetic surgery” as my skin was so smooth, and I looked ten years younger! (Can’t be bad!).

Mr R. Allen (COPD Testimonial)

I am 81 years old; I suffer from C.O.P.D. and Emphysema which was diagnosed about 10 years ago. I also haveplural plague in both lungs. I was exposed to asbestos as far back as to when I was an apprentice electrician in the Belfast shipyards. I have managed to lead a reasonably normal life with these conditions until about 2 years ago when the COPD became severe and affected my ability to lead a normal life. My son did some research into
the Airnergy machine and purchased one for me two months ago. I have been using the machine two times a day for 30 mins for two months. From the first four days of use the difference to my feeling of well-being, breathing, stamina etc. has been greatly enhanced. I am sleeping much better, and am now able to lead a normal daily life. Thank you and all the people involved in the production of this machine. It has transformed my
life. Instead of being depressed I now look forward to each day anew.

Mr & Mrs Chambers (Diabetes Testimonial)

Although it has only been just short of three months since I received my Airnergy machine, it has made such a remarkable difference both to my life and my husband’s, I had to put pen to paper to tell you.

I was diagnosed with COPD about two years ago. COPD meant waking up twice in the night “coughing for England”, not to mention in the morning when I woke up, nor trying to get to sleep whilst hearing myself wheezing! I should add here that I am in my mid sixties and although I have some arthritis, mentally (like most women) I stopped in my mind in my mid-twenties!!! Obviously the COPD was both depressing and debilitating and then I saw this tiny advert for the Airnergy!

I ordered the machine and then broke the cost to my husband! I thought – this is the only time in my life I have invested in my health. To my surprise, my husband was not only in full agreement but he wanted to use it as well! Now, my husband, who is also in his mid sixties, has Type 2 Diabetes and although he takes tablets and avoids all sugar, his readings every morning fluctuated wildly.

Well, since receiving the machine we have been using it (not missing a day so far) every day. Not only have I stopped waking in the night coughing (although I sometimes cough in the morning – early days yet!) but the wheezing has stopped! Also whereas I felt desperately tired in the afternoon (probably a drop in oxygen level), now I don’t! I’m not saying I could climb a mountain or walk across the USA but to feel this much better is nothing short of incredible. I am not saying I am “cured” of COPD – there is no cure – but it has stopped it getting worse and made my life a whole lot better.

The biggest surprise of all, though, was whereas my husband’s sugar readings were anything between 16-21, despite eating carefully what he ate and taking his tablets, his readings have stabilised to 8-9! I would add here that we spend quite a bit of time abroad (Greece) and the heat there didn’t help with his high readings but now it makes no difference – they are consistently low!

Anyway, I will stop raving about this little miracle machine but I did want you and anyone reading this to know; this machine does work and can help in many ways for many problems. Thank you for all your help Chris and for answering all the questions we have asked you.

Kim (M.E. Testimonial)

Kim is 17 years old, at school studying for AS level exams, and hoping to go to university. She is bright and hard working and enjoys sports excelling at her passion – football.

For several years she has had bouts of severe fatigue, headaches, achy joints and nausea usually after hard physical activity, long hours of mental activity such as revision, times requiring stamina such as travel and jetlag, or just during stressful periods. For the last couple of years she has been tired all the time, waking unrefreshed, headachy and nauseous. If she played a ladies football match on a Sunday afternoon, she would have a very bad headache and flu-like symptoms starting soon after the match, building up during the evening and night and gradually subsiding during the next day. She was unable to go to school the next day. Near the start of the last football season she cut back to playing only half matches in the hope that she would be able to go to school the next day. However, she still ended up exhausted and unwell afterwards. Every day getting up and getting through the day at school was a struggle. She would come home from school exhausted often going to bed for a few hours and not fit to meet up with friends or do any more than the homework for the next day. At the weekends she would sleep until lunchtime. If she wanted to go shopping, she would just go into one or two shops, sitting down wherever she could, and then sitting in the car as she did not feel up to any more. If she was in a queue or waiting anywhere she would have to find a seat. During this time Kim’s social life has been virtually limited to computer messaging.

We purchased an Airnergy device to see if it would help. Kim seemed a bit better after 10 days of 20 minutes a day. However, she started to get bad headaches that appeared to be caused by using the device. She had to cut right back, and for about 3 months she continued just using the device for 1 minute at 50% each day. She tried increasing to 2 minutes, but had to keep cutting back again when the headaches were bad. During this time Kim was a little better than without the machine.

Six months later Kim found she could manage 2 minutes at 50% every other day for a week, then a week of 2 minutes every day. She built this gradually up to 10 minutes at 50% and then tried increasing the intensity until she managed a week of 10 minutes at 100%. She is now up to 20 minutes a day at 100%.

The change in Kim’s health as the usage has increased has been dramatic. She is still struggling in the mornings, but she is generally much less tired and has a very active social life. After school she is not retiring to her bed. She is meeting friends, popping into the shops in the town a few miles away or doing other activities and still able to manage school the next day. She has passed her driving test, and often drives friends and her sister around. At the weekend she can spend Saturday afternoon shopping for as long as she wants (not until she is too shattered to continue) then party or spend the evening with friends. On Sundays she is back to playing the full 90 minutes at her ladies football matches. She is covering every blade of grass and scoring profusely. Last week the cup semi final match went to extra time and she said afterwards that she did not get tired the whole match. Of course she had a bit of a headache and achy limbs – but who wouldn’t! That evening she went to a party until the early hours, and went out the next day – a Bank Holiday – with friends. Now she only occasionally says ‘I’m really tired’ – not every few minutes.

There has been another benefit that may not sound much, but is very important to Kim. She had a large number of painful, unsightly verrucas that steadily got worse over the last 10 years and have defied all attempts to get rid of them. They started to get smaller as soon as she started using Airnergy and now only a couple remain.

It is wonderful to have a healthy daughter back, we just hope it continues.

Thank you for your help. I will let you know how things are going in a few months.

C. Hubert – (COPD Testimonial)

I am a retired male of 66 years nearly 67, I was diagnosed with COPD about four years ago, I was quite surprised about this as I have worked out doors all my working life and have always been quite fit. I began to find that I was out of breath just doing minor tasks, i.e. climbing the stairs and just walking a few yards became major ordeals. Obviously I am being treated for my COPD and take my inhalers every day, and I go to see the nurse every six months for tests. About this time last year I was browsing the internet to find any information I could about the disease, Dr Chris Steele was promoting this machine on a morning programme with Philip Schofield. I was very impressed with what was being said so I sent off to Biolife Solutions for the information pack and DVD, having read and watched all the information I decided to invest in one of the activated air machines. This has got be one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life, I purchased the Airnergy Machine from Biolife Solutions. I use the machine every morning for 30 minutes while reading the morning paper and I feel like a different person, I feel fitter and have more energy than I have had in a long time, so much so, I have just invested in a tread mill to get rid of the surplus weight I have put on because of my inactivity over the past few years. Anybody reading this testimonial that has COPD or various other problems, I recommend you read up on this Airnergy machine, it’s great.

Get in touch with Chris Wright at Biolife Solutions.

Mrs A. Tyler – Migraines

My name is Ann and I am nearly 69 years old and have been suffering from chronic migraines since I was 10 years old. I have had every medication that was available over the years, seen numerous doctors and neurologists but nothing has helped and last January I had botox injections and the migraines got worse. In desperation, I searched the internet and saw some articles on Oxygen therapy being used for cluster headaches and I thought perhaps this could help me. I would wake up in the night or early morning with the migraines, very rarely got one in the day and my husband said that perhaps I wasn’t getting enough oxygen to my brain lying down. Anyway, I found Biolife Solutions, who were extremely helpful and we took the plunge and bought a machine last July and I use it once or twice a day and it was the best decision of my life, I am so much better, not 100% cured but I would say 85%. My neurologist couldn’t believe it and still wants to see me in 6 months’ time just to see how I am getting on.

I. de Reyher – Macular Degeneration

My mother has recovered the sight she lost in the previous 4 months and is back reading without glasses or bright light. She has not been back to the ophthalmologist because she caught pneumonia 3 weeks ago whenshe was exposed to cold air. She has been using the Airnergy machine to recover and it helps her expectorate better the remaining catarrh. She has a rolling hiatus hernia which makes expectoration painful but the airnergy has eased some of the difficulties along with osteopathy. She feels it has been instrumental in helping her recovery after she had oxygen and an IV drip, along with vit/min etc. She is very pleased with the machine.

Mrs M. Rees: Macular Degeneration

Having suffered from macular degeneration for about seven years, I frequently check to see if there are any new developments in treatment. (I already have monthly eye injections at my local hospital, so am really well looked after).

I came across a video on line of Dr. Chris Steele extolling the virtues of “Airnergy”. I had been told by my surgeon that a low oxygen level is detrimental to the eyes, and that mine was, indeed, low. “This is for me”, I said, and got on the phone to order the product. It arrived quickly, and I have been using it for seven months. Results:- I can now walk freely about my bungalow without stopping for a rest every few minutes. My GP informed me that my oxygen level is normal. My macular degeneration is “stable”, so I am well pleased to have ‘killed two birds with one stone’ through use of this excellent Airnergy.

Aschwanden, Eye Condition

I purchased my Airnergy as a desperate attempt to help overcome many varied health problems that I had been unable to recover from after receiving a serious poisonous snake bike. At the time of purchasing my machine, I was in fear of losing my sight, although the medical profession repeatedly told me it was a bad case of ‘Dry Eye’, and prescribed various drops and creams, which did very little to ease the itchiness and pain, but they could not see that this was the result of the damage caused to my whole system by the poison from the snake-bite.

On receiving my machine, I immediately set it up on the 100% setting and took my first treatment. I didn’t feel anything happening, but soon afterwards (two to three hours) I noticed a great improvement – mostly the reduction in pain. I went to bed full of hope, and intended to rise early to have another treatment, but to my amazement, my sight was normal, and no pain or itchiness. I was afraid this relief was a one off so to speak, but from that day onwards I never had that dreadful condition. I did continue to have a daily treatment for several weeks hoping that I would improve my energy levels, but unfortunately I am still not as fit as I would like! However, I know that I ought to take 2 treatments a day, but often time does not allow, but that’s my fault!!! I will try and make the effort in the future, as I know that it must help.

I am sorry that this testimonial has been so long in coming, even though it’s late, I felt I owed it to you, as I considered that the cost of the machine was a cheap price to pay to have restored my sight as such!!

K. Ashworth: Macular Degeneration

My problem with Macular Degeneration started in both eyes, particularly severe in the right eye. I acquired a Professional Plus device which I now use daily in combination with appropriate vitamins, foods etc. solely to combat Macular Degeneration.

An unexpected but welcome benefit has been a feeling of increased energy and well-being at the age of 75. A 30 minute walk each day is followed by a session on an exercise cycle or treadmill (sometimes both). Reverting to the eye problem, I have recently been examined by my consultant who tells me that my vision is at 80% and is unchanged from the previous examination. This is a good result in connection with this difficult condition regarded by the medical profession as untreatable. I feel fairly confident that with longer term use of the device further progress can be anticipated.

Gibbens: Fatique, dizziness, pain

I just wanted to thank you for your help. I asked to be put in touch with a clinic in London that used the Airnergy unit, you suggested Monique Stone. I went along today and had two sessions and could not believe how I felt. When I left the clinic my dizziness had gone along with the shoulder and neck pain that I have had for years. I also noticed that my vision was clearer. I have another appointment next week and cannot wait. I have really bad chronic fatigue and the dizziness is my worst symptom, so you can imagine the relief.

I really cannot thank you enough.

E. Hendry: M.E., C.O.P.D.

I am 59 years old and suffer from M.E. and C.O.P.D. My doctor told me I have the lung power of an 80 year old. I started using the Airnergy Professional Plus six months ago and at first felt even more tired, but gradually built up to 2 x twenty minute sessions a day. The difference is amazing; I can climb stairs without getting out of breath and having to stop half way up. My energy levels are improved, I sleep better and I’m not so achy.

Chris Nicolaides – M.E., Fibromyalgia

Extract from series of e-mails printed in “Outreach” – the newsletter of Network MEsh for people living with M.E. in West London.

My first surprise came the morning after I first used Airnergy. I didn’t sleep well and woke up finally at about 5.30 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep. I actually did a little work (I write music) while having another 20 minute session on the Airnergy. I did need a short nap at around 10.00 a.m., but I don’t remember the last time I was up at 5.30 without feeling extremely tired.

After 2 weeks: I really wanted to have a ‘normal’ Xmas with my family so I did far more than usual, and ate all the wrong foods and therefore would have expected to have a big ‘crash’ within a few days. The big surprise to me is that I haven’t had a crash, just two small ‘dips’ that lasted a day each, in what has been a very busy 3 weeks. I can’t believe how much I managed to play with my kids, and also help my wife, who is now 6 months pregnant.

Before purchasing the device, I spent time studying the results of clinical trials done in Germany, spoke to one of the directors of the company that make the device, and most importantly, spoke to a 65 year old lady with Rheumatoid Arthritis that is walking again after being bed-ridden, having used the Airnergy device for about 10 days. After a month she told me she was able to go for walks even though she is awaiting a hip replacement operation.

After 6 weeks: It has been a pretty good 2 weeks, especially considering we are having major building work carried out in our house, and it has been noisy, dusty etc. I haven’t had any ‘crashes’, major or minor, and have had a lot to do, what with supervising the building work, making some music, and all the usual family things, so I’m very pleased. The headache is still permanently there, but is at a tolerable level, where I can actually do some creative work. This has been one of the most frustrating things for me about this illness; not being able to do my job, but I have managed to do a little work almost every day now, which is a real blessing! I’m able to play pretty good tennis twice a week as well, and my strength has improved. One of the ways I gauge this is by how long I can hold my youngest daughter (almost 3 now) before getting too tired. I remember when she was born, shortly after I became ill, and I couldn’t hold her in my arms for more than about 15 seconds before my shoulders got ‘fatigued’. I can now hold her for almost a minute and she is much heavier than when she was born!

After 18 weeks: I’m still in remarkably good shape overall, although I got ‘hit’ by some sort of stomach bug just over a week ago, which I am still not completely over. Still, I have been managing to do some 3-4 hours work on some good days and at least 2 on other days, even with a dodgy stomach!

I had another M.E sufferer (a musician friend) try the Airnergy, and he was so sceptical about the device. Well, after only one session, he called me the following day to tell me that for the first time in ages, he had the desire and ability to make some phone calls. He has now been back 5 times and is scheduled for Airnergy sessions twice/week. I have seen a changed man within a week. From being extremely depressed and telling me things like ‘I don’t know if I can carry on like this’, he is now talking about hiring my studio to produce some music! He is now the third person with M.E including myself that has tried the Airnergy and all three of us experienced an improvement within one session.

I urge you all too please just try the Airnergy. It does work. This is without doubt the best £3,500 I have ever spent. I can finally see my life progressing in a positive, functional way, after almost 3 years of wondering if that would ever be possible again.

W. Horwood – various health problems

My wife and I both had health problems and various virus infections had laid us low during the year, and I had been battling with high levels of mercury in my body for many years. I was looking on the Internet thinking that there must be something that we could do to improve our health when I came upon the Airnergy machines. They looked impressive but would they work for us especially as they were expensive? I phoned Chris at Biolife Solutions and told him I was skeptical about the claims and that I would like to speak to somebody local to us in Norfolk who had a machine. Chris phoned me back inside half an hour telling me that they had a Mr Johnson who had a machine just over the border in Suffolk and that we could go and try his machine. So we arranged to go the following afternoon. Mr & Mrs Johnson were very friendly and allowed me to use their machine and after 20 minutes use I felt energized. So we phoned Chris and ordered one over the phone. When it arrived the following day we tried it immediately and have used it every day since – it even goes on holiday with us. We just feel so much more alive; not everything improved immediately but steadily over the months. We would hate to be without it. Our Daughter and Son in Law both come and use it after virus infections. It does seem to clear them up quicker, so it helps the whole family.

Anne Lucas, 81 years old

Hi Chris

Received Airnergy 21 June which is just 4 months ago. I have Wet eye Macular. I had only 1 Injection that was enough for me, that was on the 28 April 2015 Centre blur Comes and goes. I believe using Airnergy twice a day for 20mins each time has helped a lot to abait the macular My right eye is fine. Pariphila is quiet good in left eye. I also take Supplements Lutigold, Astaxamin, Grapeseed, Bluberries, Bilberries. Any Red Orange and Green Fruit And Vegetables.

I also have Arthritis, had left hip replacement 2007 Right Knee Holding at bay does not prevent me walking. Thumbs practily better Strength is my weak point at present. I believe once again Airnergy is Helping me with this situation. Further info;  I take Wheatgrass, Brewers Yeast,Molasses, Cider Vinigar with Honey

MSM, Hyaluronic Acid Joint Support.

I cannot emphasize how important Diet is Along with the Airnergy. Exercise is also good but be gentle with it. Also Chris is so Supportive..

Thank you for superb and Quick Service

Please contact us for more information about Airnergy