Airnergy Spirovital

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Airnergy Professional Plus

The highest intensity Airnergy device with four activation chambers for home and clinic use.

Airnergy Professional

The middle of the range Professional device for home and clinic use.

Airnergy Basis Plus

The Airnergy Basis Plus device is ideally suited for preventive healthcare in younger and healthy people.

Airnergy AvantGarde

Airnergy’s design edition combines the well-tried quality of the four activation unit energy source Airnergy Professional Plus with classic and fine aesthetics.

Airnergy Travel Plus

Whoever doesn’t want to miss out their energy therapy when being on the road can use the “Travel Plus” anywhere at any time to get new energy.

Airnergy Stream & Stream Headset

The AIRNERGY+ Stream is based upon the same technology as the AIRNERGY+ inhalation units.


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